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Vote for "Border" Icons

I'm seriously considering some options with this community right now. I think my biggest problems is that "i'm" often not able to get to a computer to post reminders. I haven't yet decided but I may do one of a few things. 1. I may look for a few more Mods to run this community. 2. I may have a talk with orcapixels when she gets back from her trip about merging this community with fma_chorus. 3. I may simply conclude this community altogether. I admit that these days my themes haven't been as exciting, but running a hush community is really not as easy as other icontest communities. At the moment #1 is my strongest option. Get some new faces and new ideas in. I don't want this community to fade away. Fullmetal Alchemist is the best anime/manga out there, except for all the others that are my favorites too ;)

I'll let you all know in the near future if I end up looking for new mods, or whatever the future holds for this community. FMA_HUSH since March 03, 2005!

Or it could be that everyone is busy getting back to school?!

Please only vote for 2

01. 02.

03. 04.

Voting ends at Tuesday @ 10:00pm EST.

~ ani

Participate in our 3rd Black and White theme at this link:
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