Ani the Pixel Alchemist (ani_art) wrote in fma_hush,
Ani the Pixel Alchemist

Submission post for "Xing" icons

This weeks theme is "Xing".

I hope everyone has at least read volume 8 of the manga :( This is obviously a "manga only" theme since this story arc only appears in the manga. You can only use characters from the land of Xing. Of'course my favorite is Ling ;) You can have other characters in the icon as long as one of the characters from Xing is in it. Yes, the panda counts too ^^.

[x] to read the above carefully
[x] to read ALL rules/guidelines on the userinfo
[x] NO text/tiny text
[x] you can submit 2 icons

Submit to this post
[x] with your username, icon, and icon URL
[x] by Friday, August 18th, @ 10 PM EST

~ ani
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