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Submission Post for "Black & White 3"

This week's theme is "Black & White 3".

Because I'm feeling horribly uncreative at the moment (or rather, I can't think of anything) we're going to do another black & white theme. No color can be used in your icon at all. Either black, white, or shades of gray. Get creative and make yours stand out!

[x] to read the above carefully
[x] to read ALL rules/guidelines on the userinfo
[x] NO text/tiny text

Submit to this post
[x] with your username, icon, and icon URL
[x] by Friday, August 11th, @ 10 PM EST <<-- ani_art will again be covering for me, as I will be out of town. I will, however, be able to post the winners that Sunday.

There's still time to submit to "Border" ... so do that if you haven't.
- Orca
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